Friday, July 17, 2009

Hey Kids!

So, it's been a while eh?

You didn't think I'd walked off into the wilderness forever, did you?

I really needed a break after the craziness of the Bush Dark Age, but I'm back now. Since my last post I've done a project in Ohio and traveled a bit looking for another project and visiting friends/family. This has taken me (and my Crumbgobblers) to Eco-village at Ithaca again, NYC, and home. I have also been staying with friends in Ontario and Michigan during the past few months (it has been a bit...).

I have been speaking with a friend about joining an enviro start-up, which should be online this summer (promising...).

At this point I am mostly off-grid with everything from phone to finances handled online and no physical address (it's an interesting life kids, and I love it). Many thanks to Tim Ferris and the authors of "Your Money or Your Life".

My hope is to pick up another big project very soon and possibly negotiate a remote work assignment for the long term. Sometime after my next project I hope to visit Gaviotas, Colombia.

I have been very active with Facebook and am reactivating my Couchsurfing profile as well. Hopefully I will continue to hear from and meet more great people through this blog.