Friday, July 17, 2009

Hey Kids!

So, it's been a while eh?

You didn't think I'd walked off into the wilderness forever, did you?

I really needed a break after the craziness of the Bush Dark Age, but I'm back now. Since my last post I've done a project in Ohio and traveled a bit looking for another project and visiting friends/family. This has taken me (and my Crumbgobblers) to Eco-village at Ithaca again, NYC, and home. I have also been staying with friends in Ontario and Michigan during the past few months (it has been a bit...).

I have been speaking with a friend about joining an enviro start-up, which should be online this summer (promising...).

At this point I am mostly off-grid with everything from phone to finances handled online and no physical address (it's an interesting life kids, and I love it). Many thanks to Tim Ferris and the authors of "Your Money or Your Life".

My hope is to pick up another big project very soon and possibly negotiate a remote work assignment for the long term. Sometime after my next project I hope to visit Gaviotas, Colombia.

I have been very active with Facebook and am reactivating my Couchsurfing profile as well. Hopefully I will continue to hear from and meet more great people through this blog.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Official

I caught the live feed at Wealthy Street Theater today. I tried to drag the Crumbgobblers along, but when I got to their school I discovered that they were absent. I called to get them, but their mother refused to let me have them. (Something about not having had a shower, as if I am interested in her appearance.)

Anyway, it was a beautiful thing to see. Obama was incredibly gracious and Bush seemed very uncomfortable during the proceedings. The speech was solid, but not as inspiring as I had been hoping to see. Over 1 million people were present on the mall in DC.

I was ecstatic to see the transition go smoothly. Obama began governing almost immediately following the event.

This is a moment I have been waiting years to see. I hope he can meet my expectations, but acknowledge the difficulty inherent in the position he is now in.

The next 100 days will be very telling. Go Barack!

(title link to NYT)


Someone is scamming using my name. They somehow got my maternal grandmother's phone# asking for $4500 for a car accident in Canada. The people trying to scam my very giving grandmother deserve many arrows in their guts and then dogs dropped to run them down (this scam hurts my feelings a bit). I'm having financial difficulties, but I am not placing calls like this. Remember kids, always be certain to verify conclusively before sending anyone money (especially cash, which is untraceable).

I suspect that with the economy still in free-fall we will likely see an increase in this type of behavior. I understand financial desperation, but preying on the elderly is reprehensible.