Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Official

I caught the live feed at Wealthy Street Theater today. I tried to drag the Crumbgobblers along, but when I got to their school I discovered that they were absent. I called to get them, but their mother refused to let me have them. (Something about not having had a shower, as if I am interested in her appearance.)

Anyway, it was a beautiful thing to see. Obama was incredibly gracious and Bush seemed very uncomfortable during the proceedings. The speech was solid, but not as inspiring as I had been hoping to see. Over 1 million people were present on the mall in DC.

I was ecstatic to see the transition go smoothly. Obama began governing almost immediately following the event.

This is a moment I have been waiting years to see. I hope he can meet my expectations, but acknowledge the difficulty inherent in the position he is now in.

The next 100 days will be very telling. Go Barack!

(title link to NYT)


Anonymous said...

u are mistaken if you think a marxist as obama is will do anything but bring misery to all mankind. think, dont be a follower, obama is not a unifier but a destroyer of hope and justice.

Buddha said...

Anonymous, huh? I have thought about this a lot in fact and the result of that thinking is that I could not disagree with you more... You and I are obviously hoping for very different worlds in which to live. Maybe you could reply (using your name) and explain how Obama is a Marxist.

By the way, have you checked any sources other than Fox News and similar outlets for your opinions? It may be helpful for you to do some traveling abroad, or even read international media for a broader perspective.